Charles "Charlie" Rudolph D'Olive

World War I Ace, credited with shooting down 5 enemy aircraft while flying a SPAD

Jack Wilson
World War II B-24 tail gunner with the 10th Air Force in the China-Burma-India (CBI) theater.

Robert H. Allison

Flew 54 missions in the Grumman FM-2 Wildcat supporting the Okinawa campaign, firing thousands of rounds of ammunition, dozens of rockets, dropping several napalm bombs and several 100- pound bombs on designated enemy targets.

Maury Coplan

Started out in the RAF, transferred to the US Army Air Corps, flying 25 missions as the pilot of a B-17 bomber over Germany and ended the war as a P-51 fighter pilot.

Maury Coplan passed away May 2005

Ed Kahn

Assigned to the 8th Air Force, 2nd Air Division, 466th Bomb Group, 785th Bomb Squadron based at Attlebridge, England, he completed 16 missions in a B-24 over Europe before the war ended.

Gordon Whitney
Flying a C-47, assigned to the 1st combat cargo group, 3rd combat cargo squadron, Gordon supported British and Chinese troops in China and Burma, dropping supplies from 200 feet and landing in paddy fields. He flew 390 missions accumulating 652 combat hours.

Howard Skidmore
Flew three missions escorting convoys to North Africa in the TBM Avenger before being assigned to the Pacific where he participated in the attack on Formosa, survived a typhoon and help sink a Japanese battleship.

Dan Colburn
Flying the Martin PBM Mariner, he supported the invasions of Saipan, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Was witness to the signing of the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay.

Mel Heflinger
Civilian Primary Flight instructor for the U. S. Army Air Corps flying PT 17 Stearmans. Assigned to the United Air Lines modification center, flight testing B-17s and B-24s.

Ed Hatter

Before flying 85 missions over the hump into China he supported the troops during the Battle of the Bulge, supplying material and troops to the front line in a C-46.

Wes Stone

Wes started out as B-24 instructor before being assigned to the Eighth Air Force in England where he flew 32 missions into Europe flying as the Captain of a B-24.

Dave Cochran
Dave flew 29 missions in a B-24 over Italy until he was shoot down.  Wounded he was taken prisoner and spent two years in a prison camp until liberated by Patton's army.